Noise Reduction Software
for Mobile Devices and VoIP Systems


Unwanted noise is everywhere in today’s VoIP and telephone communication networks, and it is even more pronounced in wireless communications. Essentially any stage of a communication channel can introduce noise, and this noise can significantly affect the quality of everyday speech communications.

Li Creative Technologies (LcT) has developed noise reduction software that dramatically improves speech communications in high-noise environments. Our unique technologies were developed by emulating the human auditory system. We first defined mathematical models to imitate the functions of the human cochlear system. Then we developed our own unique algorithms, including the Auditory Transform™, for noise reduction and speech enhancement. Our software significantly reduces background noise while retaining high fidelity voice quality. [Listen to Teleconference Demo] [Listen to Mobile Phone Demo]

Software Solutions

To meet our customers’ diverse needs, LcT offers noise reduction software for mobile devices, network servers/switches, and cloud services. The software only take 3 MIPS of processor computation for real-time noise reduction. Our software cleans up incoming and outgoing voice signals in a device. Our software can support a network server/switch for multiple channels in real time. Our cloud software can support all audio files submitted through the Internet. For a single microphone system, our software can improve the SNR up to 20 dB. If dual microphones are enabled, the software can improve the SNR up to 30 dB. The software is low cost and easy to implement. We provide the highest quality support and software porting to ensure that the software is optimized for our customers’ applications and successfully implemented in our customers’ devices and systems.


  • Tunable to application specific signals
  • Minimal distortion of speech signal
  • Up to 30 dB SNR Improvement
  • Supports microphone array
  • Validated in real-world noisy environments

Download Datasheet.