Dual Microphone Array for IP Security Camera


Li Creative Technologies (LcT) has developed a far-field, dual microphone array for security and surveillance cameras. Our solution utilizes advanced and patented digital signal processing algorithms to suppress background noise while enhancing the speech signal. The microphone array can capture far-field sound from at least 8 meters away with good sound quality. This is an ideal solution for integrating audio into any IP camera.  

Audio Technologies

  • Fair field microphone
  • Dual microphone array
  • Adaptive beam forming
  • Noise reduction
  • Speech enhancement
  • Acoustic echo cancellation


    • Security camera to capture both video and audio
    • IP / web camera
    • Video camera
    • Speakerphone

Sales and Licensing

LcT provides three product solutions: (1) embedded software only; (2) PCB module with pre-installed software; (3) device with USB or standard audio interface. LcT can optimize the overall product performance and provide technical support in acoustic, hardware, firmware, and software. LcT can also provide acoustic design guidance and reference circuits. Since LcT’s engineers are experienced working with a variety of platforms, the implementation will be fast and the new system will have the same performance as our demos and prototype systems.

Download Datasheet.