Acoustic Echo Cancellation Software


LcT has developed acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) software for mobile and handheld devices such as smartphones and for teleconferencing systems. Our AEC software is designed to cancel acoustic feedback between a loudspeaker and a microphone in a distance talking communication system, thus improving speech communications. [Listen to Demo]

LcT can provide a low cost, easy-to-implement software solution for AEC on any speech communication device. Our software can be implemented on any hardware platform for many different applications. Our technical support staff will ensure that the software is successfully implemented on the device.


LcT's software enables echo-free teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and speaker phone use with smartphones, conference phones, tablet computers, laptops, computers, and other speech communication devices.


  • Full deplex conversation
  • Supports microphone array
  • Adaptive filter
  • Double-talk detection
  • Residual error suppression

Download Datasheet.